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St John's wort (cantarion)

St. John’s wort (cantarion) will help in weak immune system and all kinds of viruses, skin infections, wounds, bruises, burns, and even wrinkles, miraculously quickly will regenerate the skin.

If you need to boost your metabolism gently cleansing the blood and blood plasma, regenerate  digestive or urinary system, respiratory system, encourage and nurture the reproductive system, or any system of glands with internal secretion – remember St. John’s wort (cantarion).

For gout, Crohn’s disease, herpes, asthma, or a bacterial infection also remember St. John’s wort (cantarion), regularly drink cantarion tea, massage the painful area and wounds with its oil.

St. John’s wort (cantarion) and depression

Lately St. John’s wort (cantarion) is often used for curing the plague of our times – depression. It is important not to use together antidepressants and St. John’s wort (cantarion) preparations!

Curative effect of St. John’s wort (cantarion) is not yet fully known even though this is one of the most researched herbs in the world.

St. John’s Wort (cantarion) oil

There are various recipes, ratios, volumes and time of harvest, but the following method is generally considered a very, very good:

Fill a jar with undeveloped buds and flowers of the plant almost to the top and leave a few hours or one day. Pour 1000 ml of homemade olive oil over them (it can be any other quality oil – macadamia, almond, sesame, hazelnut). Close well the jar and let it sit in the sun for 6 weeks. Shake it every day for few times. Drain through thick linen rag 2 times after 6 weeks.  Lubricate scabs, rashes, face, body, and hemorrhoids with this oil.

Cantarion oil is used for massage of aching limbs, treat wounds, burns and veins.

For women, it is appropriate in chronic inflammatory processes of the genital organs to leave the entire tampon to absorb oil for about 15-20 minutes and typically apply it. Change three times daily fresh-soaked, over a long period.

This way is successfully used to treat fungal or even bacterial and some viral diseases, stimulates the self-regeneration of the area, and helps with emotional problems related with the genital organs.

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