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Oregano is native Mediterranean plant. It is considered to be one of the worlds most healing plants.

It is particularly appreciated its oil, which is obtained from wild species of oregano by special distillation process to preserve all curative properties.

There are over 40 species of oregano. The most commonly used in culinary is Origanum Vulgare. However, the most healing specie is considered Minutiflorum Origanum oil, which contains up to 90% of the active healing ingredient carvacrol.

The ancient Greeks applied oregano oil for treating wounds, snake bites and illnesses of the respiratory tract. In the Middle Ages it became popular in Europe where it was used to treat infections.

Oregano oil

Healing properties of oregano oil

The most valuable therapeutic agent in oregano oil is carvacrol – an ingredient that has strong antibacterial properties.

British scientists have confirmed in researches that oregano oil is effective against 25 different bacteria.

It is effective against most bacteria that cause infections of the large intestine and the urinary tract, typhoid fever, cholera, ulcers and skin infections.

Besides killing bacteria, oregano oil has strong antiviral activity and effectively protects against flu, colds, chicken pox, mumps and measles.

It is a fact that can stop the disease  when symptoms occur.

Destroys stubborn bacteria

Among the 52 tested plants, only oregano oil had effect on Candida albicans, E-coli, Salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Pseudomonas is a type of bacteria which is particularly difficult to treat, because some types are  immune to antibiotics.

Aggressively attack fungi

Oregano oil works on many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi that change shapes and complicate treatment. Aggressive antifungal properties of oregano oil prevent stubborn infections such as candidiasis, the fungal nails and scalp and athlete’s foot.

In candidiasis you should drink oregano oil, and in fungus on the nails oregano oil can be applied locally. In the case of fungus on the scalp that causes dandruff is recommended to add a few drops of oregano oil in the shampoo.

Potential effect against cancer

Oregano oil could become part of a therapy for the treatment of cancer. Researchers tested carvacrol effect on prostate cancer cells. It turned out that carvacrol causes a condition called “apoptosis” – the self-destruction of cancer cells. Apoptosis is one of the ways in which the body resolves nonfunctional or malignant cells, such as those found in tumors.

Prevents allergies

Oregano oil contains rosmarinic acid, which is a powerful antihistamine and a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E. Rosmarinic acid is usually used in the treatment of allergic reactions, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and gingivitis. Even just inhaling oregano oil helps with allergies.

Slows aging

The antioxidant properties of oregano oil are beneficial for long-term preservation of health. It protects against free radicals and repair already occurred cell damage. Antioxidants slow down aging, protect against cancer, prevent macular degeneration, vision and hearing loss, nervous disorders and many other diseases associated with free radicals.

First aid for bites

Oregano oil has the power to neutralize the poisonous bites like bee, snake and spider. This makes it an invaluable first aid in such situations. It is also useful for preventing infection, reducing the inflammation and pain of the bite wounds and animal bites.

Helps with sports injuries

Oregano oil is a good ally of physically active person, because it facilitates cramps and muscle pain, promotes healing of injuries, sprains, tendinitis… Its anti-inflammatory properties and also make it a powerful drug for arthritis.

The healing properties of oregano oil:

protects against viruses, fungi and bacteria

helps with psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis

slows the aging process

protects against several cancers

helps with excessive sweating and bad breath

repells parasites

helps with sore muscles, tendons, joints

prevents infection

used as a first aid for snake and insect bites


Recommended dose is one to four drops, three times a day (maximum of 12 drops per day, never in a single dose). It has a strong flavor, so be sure to dilute it in a base oil, juice or tea. Do not apply oil to intimate areas! Wild oregano oil can be used by children aged six years and older.

Oregano oil has to be produced from wild oregano, with a high percentage of carvacrol  above 70 %. Oil with synthetic carvacrol can be poisonous! Buy only natural oregano oil from trusted manufacturers.

Of all the types of oregano  three types are the most healing: Origanum vulgare, Origanum onites and Origanum Minutiflorum. Origanum vulgare and Origanum onites contain 30-60 % carvacrol , while Origanum Minutiflorum contains even 80-90 %. Due to the high content of carvacrol real healing oregano oil is made from Origanum Minutiflorum.

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