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Orange health beneftis

Composition and healing properties of orange

Oranges are rich in vitamin C , B1 , B9 ( folic acid ) and A , potassium, calcium and fiber .

Every day, eat an orange to supply  the body with recommended dose of vitamin C, which proved to prevent many health problems – from flu and allergies to serious cardiovascular disease.

Orange has several inhibitors of cancer – carotenoids, flavonoids and terpenes .

Together with other types of citrus fruit, orange is among the most potent cancer fighters. It has 58 known anticancer agents, more than any other food.

Oranges have large amounts of an antioxidant glutathione. Also, it is the richest known source of saccharate, another well-known agent for cancer prevention.

Regular consumption of oranges reduces the chances of getting pancreatic cancer, and also protects against stomach and colon cancer.

Orange juice has empowering and antimicrobial properties.

You must drink it in large quantities against flu, fever, weakened body, angina, digestive disorders, kidney or bladder diseases.

Cooked peeled orange, applied in a thick layer on the abscess, gives excellent results.

Orange leaves, especially those of bitter orange (bergamot), act against anxiety, tension, nervousness, insomnia and related problems of the central nervous system .

Helps with asthma and allergies, reduces fever and induces sweating.

Orange peel is used as a stimulant of the nervous system, digestion stimulator, to lower high temperatures and against intestinal parasites.


The flowers of bitter orange are generally one of the best means for mood lifting.

Because of the pleasant fragrance and medicinal properties they are used in the production of essential oil of bergamot, which is used for depression and anxiety.

Orange essential oil (obtained by pressing the crust), proved to have an excellent antiseptic and analgesic properties against stomach pain.

On the other hand, the essential oil of bergamot perfectly disinfect wounds, abscesses and burns.

The cosmetic use of orange essential oil stimulates collagen production, increasing blood flow through the skin. It is extremely beneficial for dry skin prone to irritation and acne.

Orange in cookery

Oranges can be used for preparation of jams and syrup, zest can be candied or used grated.

Use only oranges that you have grown, or when you are sure that they are not sprayed. Oranges from the stores are quite polluted and if you use them, make sure you peel the bark.

When shopping, choose oranges without damage, stains or mildew on the surface.

Weight of orange confirms juiciness of the fruit – so choose oranges with proper weight.

Keep oranges in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks.

Orange leaves tea

Pour a teaspoon of leaves in 1 cup water, let it stand for ten minutes and strain.

Orange ice tea


two unsprayed oranges

four cups of boiling water

five tea bags

ice cubes

honey or brown sugar to taste

Peel the oranges. Pour hot water over crust and tea bags, strain after five minutes. Blend cooled tea with oranges. Sweeten the tea to taste and add ice cubes.

One orange a day

  • improves the appearance of skin and hair
  • prevents high blood pressure
  • helps with diseases of the respiratory tract
  • reduces inflammation in arthritis
  • protects the health of the cardiovascular system
  • prevents gall bladder seizures
  • prevents flu and colds
  • protects against many types of cancer

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