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Hemorrhoids are usually present, but the swollen blood vessels. They occur very often in men and in women, especially in pregnant women and the elderly. Symptoms of hemorrhoids are usually very mild or absent, but in some cases can be very unpleasant and painful.

Hemorrhoids can be external, situated on the anus, or inner, which are located at the beginning of the anal canal. Sometimes they can break out of the anus and be quite painful.

Treating hemorrhoids depends on their level. In mild cases of hemorrhoids usually are sufficient self-help measures, while more serious cases may require medical intervention.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Causes of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are usually caused by increased pressure on the veins in the rectal area, which occurs due to various factors. The most common causes of hemorrhoids include:

straining with bowel movements


prolonged constipation or diarrhea

prolonged sitting


anal infection

genetic factor


Treatment of hemorrhoids

Symptoms of hemorrhoids are usually not intense and retreat in a few days. However, if hemorrhoids cause discomfort and pain, you can do several things to reduce them:

Eat healthy – one of the most important things to prevent hemorrhoids is intake of sufficient amounts of fiber. Fresh or dried fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole-wheat bread , oatmeal and other whole grains can help prevent the formation of hemorrhoids and support good digestion. Avoid too bitter and spicy foods.

Drink plenty of fluids – liquid contributes to good digestion and helps avoid heavy stool, which reduces the probability of the occurrence of hemorrhoids . Water is definitely the best choice, as well as fruit and vegetables, but in this case, check the sugar content. Prune juice can help with constipation.

Do not lift heavy objects more than you need – when lifting objects that are too difficult for your body, you strain your muscles, but also tissue and veins in the rectum, which is not good for hemorrhoids.

Avoid prolonged sitting – prolonged sitting can create pressure in the rectal area and is not good for hemorrhoids, as well as general health . Occasionally getting up and moving can help prevent hemorrhoids and improve circulation.

Keep your weight under control – it has been proven that obese people have a greater tendency to develop hemorrhoids because of the additional pressure on the rectal area . Weight reduction and introduction of fiber in your diet you will not only feel better, but this will help with hemorrhoids .

Exercise regularly – regular physical activity will help your body to function as it should and will have a positive effect on your digestive system. In addition, regular exercise will help you reduce weight, and it has been proven how physical activity stimulates intestinal function and reduces the probability of diarrhea and constipation .

Look for natural supplements for digestion – if except with the hemorrhoids, you have problems with digestion, you can consider taking some natural supplements . There are many natural supplements that help with digestive problems.

Regularly go to the toilet – if you feel the need to go to the toilet, do not wait, because it can create pressure in the rectal area.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

St. John’s Wort – St. John’s wort in olive oil suppresses the sensation of pain and is often used in problems with hemorrhoids . You can make your own oil by putting 4 tablespoons of undeveloped buds in a dark glass bottle and leave for one day. Then add half a liter of olive oil and close the bottle tightly. She has to stand in the sun 6-8 weeks , and is applied directly to external hemorrhoids.

Marigold – reduces inflammation and infection and has healing effect, therefore has shown excellent in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Mix marigold ointment with honey in the ratio 1:1 and spread in a thicker layer directly on the hemorrhoids .

Potato – grate potato and sprinkle with olive oil. Take a pinch of so prepared potato and put it on painful area with a gauze. Wrap is necessary to keep the whole night. For internal hemorrhoids, chop the potato into slices, and then from one slice make a stick, sprinkle with olive oil, push in the anus and leave overnight. Potato will soften during the discharge come out.

Parsley – warm up 200 ml of olive oil and then add 20 parsley stalks (it should be washed and thoroughly dried previously). Stir the mixture and remove from the heat when becomes  brown. Allow to stand for one day, strain through a sterile gauze and store in a sterile bottle. Use only after having a cold shower.

Cypress – mix a teaspoon of crushed green cypress cones with a teaspoon of black poplar buds . Cook for about 5 minutes in 200 ml of water and allow to cool. Use the liquid to rinse the hemorrhoids. In addition, you can use a tincture or essential oil of cypress.

Dissolve essential oils of cypress and mastic in tamanu oil, and in severe inflammation add lemon eucalyptus and German chamomile. Apply the mixture on the affected area .

Cypress is not recommended for nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Sempervivum, lemon and honey – put a lemon (which you previously washed well), in the water with one teaspoon of baking soda and let it sit for an hour. Rinse thoroughly and cut into slices, and then along with 300 grams of clean sempervivum leafs grind and strain through gauze. Add 750 grams of meadow honey in the liquid and stir with a wooden spoon .

Every morning take one tablespoon of the mixture on an empty stomach (can be used for about a month and a half, and the mixture should be kept in the refrigerator ).

Neem – is an ayurvedic herb with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is, among other things, used to treat hemorrhoids. Neem extract can be applied for external hemorrhoids to prevent bleeding and itching. In addition, consumption of neem helps the intestines and prevents constipation, and in such a way cures hemorrhoids. More about health benefits of neem you can read here.

Horse chestnut – strengthens and stimulates the blood vessels and has anti-inflammatory effect . To alleviate the symptoms of external hemorrhoids, extract of horse chestnut (gel or cream) can be used .

Tincture: Strip away the horse-chestnut, dry and chop its crust. Put 5 tablespoons of the resulting crus in half a liter of 96% strong alcohol. Close the bottle and let stand for ten days. It is recommended to shake a bottle several times a day. Take 10 drops twice a day with a bit of water for 20 days.

Bath: chop 300 gr of flowers or fruits of chestnut and pour with 5 liters of cold water. Leave to stand overnight, and at least for 12 hours. Then strain and pour into a warm bath. Spend 20 minutes in a warm bath.

Chamomile – chamomile tincture has beneficial effect on the symptoms caused by external hemorrhoids. In a dark bottle put 10 grams of dried chamomile flowers and pour with 100 ml of 70% strong alcohol. Close tightly and store in a cold place to rest for four weeks, shaking occasionally the bottle. Strain through a sterile gauze folded several times and pour into another dark bottle. Lubricate affected area before bedtime and after cold shower.

Creams and ointments for hemorrhoids

Creams and ointments for hemorrhoids can help to reduce swelling and pain in the existing hemorrhoids. Creams and ointments that contain local anesthetic can temporarily relieve pain. However, when bleeding is present, it is necessary to use a milder cream, to avoid irritation.

Creams and suppositories containing hydrocortisone can also be helpful, but do not use them longer than a week, as they can cause skin atrophy.

Rubber band ligation

It is the most common procedure to remove hemorrhoids from first to third degree. This procedure is performed in a clinic and does not require anesthesia or bowel cleansing. The process takes about a minute. Rubber bands or rings are placed around the top of the internal hemorrhoids, which prevents blood flow to the hemorrhoids, which will shrink and eventually fall off.

Hemorrhoids surgery

It is recommended only in severe cases of hemorrhoids that are located in a sensitive area below the dentate line, or affecting the anus skin (approximately 10% of hemorrhoids).

Various techniques of operations are used, but traditional surgeries are increasingly being abandoned, where recovery in some cases take up to a month, and are used new, less invasive procedures (such as hemorrhoids surgery with THD method).

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