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Mountain Germander is very curative plant that grows in the mountainous regions around the world. It is recognizable by small bushes with pale yellowish flowers at the tips of branches. Stems are usually elevated and partly woody. This plant grows in dry, warm and rugged places, at an altitude of approximately 800 m and more.

The composition and health benefits of mountain germander

It has bitter and astringent taste, and as herbal remedy is used to treat many diseases, especially of digestive and respiratory organs, even pulmonary tuberculosis.

Mountain Germander in its composition has bitter substances, tannin, methanol, petroleum ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate, 1 – butanol. Because of these ingredients, even the pharmacists often recommend it for strengthening the immune system and is an excellent choice for people who are exposed to serious stress.

Because of the bitter substance, Mountain Germander  helps with many diseases of the stomach and eases flatulence.

With its antiseptic action destroys pathogenic microorganisms , removes harmful substances in the intestines and stomach.

It is effective in diseases of the mouth and throat, a variety of infections, fungi and ulcers.

Mountain Germander tea treats cramps and cleanses the blood. It is also used against all types of fever, and as an aid in diabetes .

According to new research, the level of antioxidant substances in tea is equal to that of ginkgo and green tea, known for their extraordinary healing properties.

Tincture of Mountain Germander helps with hemorrhoids and diseases of the liver and gall bladder because it encourages the creation and flow of bile acids .

As the bath has a beneficial effect on the skin, especially when it comes to wounds and skin changes. It is very popular as a balm to relieve rheumatism.

Health benefits of mountain germander:

  • acts against bacteria and fungi
  • helps with stomach illness
  • reduces inflammation
  • strong antioxidant
  • helps with depression
  • regulates digestion
  • ejects the excess fluid from the body
  • applied in the treatment of respiratory diseases
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps with hemorrhoids and diabetes
  • cleanses the body

Harvest and preparations

Mountain Germander blooms from June to September. If you want to pick mountain germander correctly, cut leafy floral tops with sharp scissors and quickly dry in an airy place to help them preserve color and a specific flavour.

Mountain Germander  tea

Pour a teaspoon of Mountain Germander with 200 ml of hot water and immediately cover.  Strain after 15 minutes. Drink tea once or twice a day before meals.

Preparation of tincture

Soak 20 grams of Mountain Germander in 100 ml of alcohol. Leave to stand for two weeks. Drink 20 drops three times a day.


Grind finely dried Mountain Germander in a coffee grinder. Take one to three grams before meals.

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