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Lemon balm is one of the few plants that are also medicinal, fragrant, ornamental, culinary, aromatic and have use in industry.

Health benefits of lemon balm

Lemon balm is used for stress, insomnia, tension, restlessness and irritability.

In combination with Valerian is as effective as synthetic sedatives triazolam, but unlike triazolam it does not cause side effects.

Lemon balm boosts concentration and promotes better solving of text and picture tasks.

It is also considered that because of the antioxidants that protect body cells from damage caused by oxidation, lemon balm helps Alzheimer’s patients to improve memory and concentration.

Lemon balm is recommended for treatment of digestive disorders such as convulsions, and locally for herpes.

Lemon balm has strong antiviral properties, shortening the duration of the disease and reduces the chance of recurrence.

Essential oil of lemon balm has a similar effect as the plant itself. It is prized and expensive, so be careful that it is not fake. Externally is used diluted for massage or to relieve herpes simplex.

Health benefits of lemon balm:

  • helps with depression and stress
  • reduces headaches
  • promotes restful sleep
  • helps with excessive thyroid
  • reduces fever
  • relieves pregnancy nausea and menstrual cramps
  • helps with herpes simplex
  • increases creativity and concentration

Lemon balm tea

Lemon balm can be used as a tea, decoction, tincture or an integrated herb solution. To prepare a lemon balm tea pour 200 ml water over a teaspoon of dried herbs.

Carmelite water

One of the most famous preparations of lemon balm is definitely a Carmelite water formulated by Carmelite nuns in the Middle Ages.

It is used to treat depression, palpitations, migraine, tension, agitation, fear and nervousness, poor memory, fatigue, fainting and night suffocation, and can be used as a perfume and for massage.


1000 ml of alcohol (vodka, rum, cognac or brandy)

165 grams of dried lemon balm flowering tops

40 grams unsprayed lemon zest

5 grams angelica root

Leave in the shade for two weeks, then add:

65 grams coriander

12.5 grams of nutmeg

12.5 grams of cinnamon

1.5 grams of cloves

Leave for a week in the shade, then strain into a dark bottle. Drink one to two teaspoons a day.

Lemon balm for skin care

Lemon balm is very popular in cosmetics  due to their antiviral properties. It is used to make lotions, tonics, hydrolats, creams and similar.

Tonic and steam bath are great for oily and problematic skin, but also for mixes skin, moisturizing it and returning the balance.

To prepare your own refreshing tonic mix a teaspoon of lemon balm with a cup of witch hazel, let stand for a week. Strain and use once a day.

Growing and harvest

Lemon balm is harvested at the time of blooming in early summer.

The best is to dry the entire plant, tear off leaves in order not to lose precious oil.

You can plant lemon balm easily at home. It is resistant to low.

Lemon balm can season any dish in which you would put lemon.

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