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Guarana is an evergreen plant that grows in Venezuela and northern Brazil. The plant grows only in the lush rain forests of the Amazon, where prevail tropical temperatures and heavy rains.

Guarana is a crawling shrub that can grow to a height of 12 meters. It has a reddish fruits that grow in clusters.

Brazilian natives consume guarana in small doses since childhood, along with breast milk, and it is an integral part of their diet.

Guarana seeds and resins are used in form of powder, alcoholic extract, capsules, tablets, syrups and tea with a number of positive effects on health.

Health benefits of guarana

Guarana contains phytochemicals like theobromine, saponins, tannins and catechins. Phytochemicals are powerful antioxidants that help to prevent, slow or stop many diseases.

Theobromine from guarana is an ingredient that helps burn fat, so you can find guarana in many preparations for weight loss and cellulite removal.

Guarana also acts as a tonic and colon cleanser, where can relieve the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disorders.

It also serves as a diuretic, to treat urinary tract infections, diarrhea, painful menstruation, and headache.

Guarana relaxes smooth bronchial muscles, reduces anxiety, protects neurons and positively affect sexual desire in both sexes.

Doctors recommend Guarana preparations for the prevention of blood clots.

Guarana is also used as a cardiac stimulant and helps people with low blood pressure.

Experts attribute cancer prevention to this plant.

Health benefits of guarana:

  • increases alertness and concentration
  • strenghtens the body
  • reduces fatigue and tension
  • increases energy levels
  • promotes weight loss
  • relieves headaches and migraines
  • helps at low blood pressure
  • increases libido
  • cleans the intestines
  • protects the body from many diseases

Super stimulant

Guarana is popular because of its stimulant properties. For this reason it is often used in energy and vitamin drinks.

As a natural stimulant Guarana is recommended for people under stress. It is used to improve cognitive function and performance in athletes.

Effect of guarana is associated with the action of caffeine. The Guarana contains between three and seven percent of caffeine which is significantly more than the coffee which contains one to two percent of caffeine.

Caffeine from guarana stimulates the central nervous system, reduces appetite and relieves mental and physical fatigue. However, unlike caffeine from coffee or tea, guarana does not cause adverse effects, such as palpitations or accelerated heart rate .

Caffeine from guarana is released much more slowly and its stimulating effect is longer and lasts about six hours .

Furthermore, Guarana does not contain additional stimulating substances, such as furfural, which are present in coffee.

Chocolate Guarana Smoothie


1 large banana

150-200 gr of fresh spinach

2 dates, pitted

1 cup of berries of your choice

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

5 ice cubes

1 1/2 cups water

1 teaspoon of guarana powder


Put in the blender all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and drink immediately. This will be an excellent refreshment and energy boost when you need extra energy!

Please note that people suffering from high blood pressure should consume guarana with caution. Do not use guarana in the afternoon or evening, as it can cause insomnia.

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