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Gray hair

Each person has a genetically determined time when their hair become gray, but recent studies indicate that the hair follicles are also subject to various types of stress, which can result in loss of pigment or accelerate the emergence of gray hairs.

Causes of gray hair

Naturally, loss of pigment is due to decreasing activity of melanocytes, but other conditions or diseases can accelerate this process:

Thyroid disorders – may accelerate the appearance of gray hairs , especially Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease, hyperthyroidism (an enhanced thyroid) and hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid).

Lack of vitamin B12 – can be caused by diseases that affect the small intestine, such as Crohn’s disease and celiac disease, but the appearance of premature gray hairs can cause a diet low in vitamin B12, and reduced intake of meat, eggs and milk.

Poor blood quality and kidney problems – a traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda suggest that the occurrence of premature gray hairs cause some deeper problems such as poor quality of blood and kidney problems .

Vitiligo – skin disease caused by the sudden appearance of depigmentation and thus the appearance of gray hairs if affects the scalp.

Chemotherapy and genotoxic stress – a variety of radiation and chemicals, to which are exposed in everyday life, affect stem cells and melanocytes reducing production of melanin pigment .

Smoking – oxidative stress caused by exposure to cigarette smoke may accelerate the emergence of gray hair.

Certain medications – such as retinoids , Triparanol and mephesin , can affect premature emergence of gray hair.

How to prevent gray hairs?

Pulling out gray hairs certainly is not a good solution, because scalp is exposed to additional stress. Instead, take a few steps which slow down apperance of new gray hairs.

For start, include black sesame seeds, black beans and nuts in your nutrition, which influence the reduction of gray hairs, as well as foods rich in essential and omega fatty acids, such as olive oil, avocados, and various nuts and seeds. Also, your diet should be rich in vitamins B and E, magnesium and zinc.

If you decide to dye your hair, we recommend that you use natural preparations. If you do not have a large number of gray hairs, instead of coloring your hair, you can use a few drops of oil that encourage browning hair twice a week. Recommended are rosemary oil, and you can use it in combination with almond oil, coconut, olive and jojoba oil.

Sage is recommended as an excellent tool to relieve stress, but also to darken and conceal gray hair. Other natural remedies that you can use are neem oil, kombucha, and the fruits of white mulberry.

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