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Carrot is root vegetable that belongs to the family Umbelliferae. Most of us are familiar with orange carrots, but there are also a purple, red, yellow and black carrots.

Carrot health benefits

Composition and healing properties of carrots

Carrots are rich in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, folic acid, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and molybdenum.

Beta carotene boosts immunity, protects against infection and cancer. Regular consumption of beta- carotene reduces the risk of glaucoma and cataracts, helps preserve and improve vision and reduce myopia – especially in children. Adequate daily dose of beta carotene in smokers significantly reduces the chances of getting lung cancer and emphysema .

It is proven that orange coloured vegetables, especially carrots, most effectively protect cardiovascular health.

Due to the abundance of fiber and pectin, carrot lowers elevated cholesterol and raises levels of good HDL cholesterol.

Because of the valuable ingredients carrot is recommended for body weakness, anemia and diseases caused by vitamin deficiency such as scurvy and rickets.

Carrot juice is excellent for promoting urination, and combined with honey is recommended for diseases of the throat and immunity boost.

Applied externally carrots heal and soothe ulcers, burns, eczema and wounds.

Regular consumption of carrots:

  • reduces the risk of stroke by 40 percent
  • protects eyesight
  • improves digestion and liver function
  • protects against cancers
  • preserves the health of the heart and blood vessels
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps with diarrhea
  • improves skin appearance
  • purifies the body


Carrot oil

Macerated root of carrots is extremely rich in beta carotene, and is usually used for sunbathing and tanning, as well as for the treatment of scars and dark spots. It is good for dry and dehydrated skin.

Base carrot oil is expensive and high quality oil with a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is great before and after tanning, and treating burns.

It is suitable for oily skin prone to blackheads and acne. Due to regeneration properties carrot oil is used for dark circles under eyes.

Essential carrot oil stimulates the liver and kidneys, normalizes cholesterol and promotes detoxification. It is also used for treatment of eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis.


Anti-Wrinkle carrot mask

Mix a tablespoon of carrot juice and a spoon of olive oil. Apply the mixture on face. Wipe your face with a napkin after 20 minutes. It is not necessary to apply the cream or wash the face. Apply this mask twice a week.

Macerated root of carrots

15 grams of fresh grated carrots and 100 ml of cold pressed sunflower oil leave in a covered jar in a sunny spot for two weeks and occasionally shake. Strain after two weeks. Before applying to the skin,  dilute the base oil at a ratio of 1:10.

Carrots in cooking

According to some, carrots are best eaten raw, while other sources claim that it is best to boil them briefly to make the most of its vitamins.

Carrots can be cooked, steamed, baked, dried, grilled, simmered for salads, soups, preserves, desserts, purees, sauces, juices … Because of its flavor carrots are suitable for both, savory and sweet dishes.

Instead of the typical unhealthy snacks, give children carrot cut into sticks.

When buying carrots select those with darker colors, beautiful leaves, smooth and healthy root preferably from organic cultivation.

It is desirable to spend it immediately, and can be refrigerated up to two weeks.


Carrot smoothie

Blend a cup of pineapple, half a cup of carrots, half a cup of orange juice, half a cup of ice and half a banana. Blend until a smooth. Drink immediately.

Spicy honey baby carrots


a pound young carrots

1 ½ cup boiling water

pinch of cloves

pinch of cinnamon

1 ½ tablespoon honey

tablespoon butter

grated lemon zest


In a covered saucepan, cook carrots with spices for ten minutes until tender. Add remaining ingredients and cook briefly. Serve hot, with rice or mashed potatoes.

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