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Borage contains potassium, calcium and mineral acids. It is the richest known source of gamma – linolenic acid, which acts :

  • inflammatory
  • against autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases
  • against skin problems
  • on blood glucose
  • on hormonal balance
  • as an aid to weight loss
  • as a strong antioxidant
  • against cancers

Borage stimulates perspiration, lowers the temperature and treates a wide range of urinary problems. Traditionally it is used as a diuretic because it ejects the excess fluid from the body.

It is effective in bronchitis, cough, variety of mouth and throat infections. As tea it is used for rinsing the mouth, thus protecting the health of teeth and gums.

Borage strengthens energy, concentration and immunity. It works against apathy, depression, sadness, melancholy, insomnia and as a mild sedative.

Useful for eye problems because it prevents vision damage and night blindness. It is advisable to rinse dry eyes with the tea of borage.

Herbalists advise borage for problems with metabolism, hormones, PMS, menopause, hot flushes and lung problems.

Women with polycystic ovaries should consume borage. Combine it with liquorice in a 1:1 ratio. Such a mix reduces the production of testosterone, stimulates ovulation and improves the production of progesterone.

Borage is a valuable dietary supplement and is recommended in malnutrition, nursing problems and recovery after illness.

It helps in weight loss and thereby detoxifies the body.

Borage health benefits:

  • heals wounds
  • helps with infections of the throat and mouth
  • increases energy and concentration
  • helps with rheumatism
  • strengthens the heart
  • enhances iron absorption
  • prevents vertigo
  • regulates the production of hormones in women
  • helps with apathy and depression
  • protects eyesight
  • purifies the body

Borage oil for beautiful skin

Borage oil is beneficial to health and beauty. It has a pleasant effect on the skin and removes blemishes typical for sensitive and problematic skin. Cleans the skin, stimulates the growth of new cells and has anti-inflammatory effect.

It is recommended for skin problems caused by hormones because it restores natural hormonal balance.

The positive side is that the oil does not spoil like most oils. Store it in a dark and cool place. When buying, make sure that the oil is quality and cold pressed.

If you have epilepsy or your blood coagulates, avoid borage. Except in the cases mentioned, it is harmless to use and can be applied on the skin undiluted.

Cultivation and preparation

Borage is ideal for planting in eco gardens. Besides being very useful, it is believed that improves the taste of strawberries, tomatoes, legumes and spinach. If planted next to them, it will protect them from pests. Sown on humus, drained and sunny ground, or in pots in the spring or fall.

From borage you can prepare tea, vinegar, juice or tincture. Can be used in the form of a powder or  capsules.

To prepare a tea of borage use fresh or dried flowers and leaves.

Borage is largely represented in the kitchen. Due to the refreshing taste like cucumber, it is used for salads, drinks and cheeses.

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